ST:XI ftw!

Lost in Space, tee hee.

Een groot deel van de Star Trek-kijkende mensheid is al lang content dat Braga en Berman er niet aan meewerken, maar J.J. Abrams begod:

After months of off and on rumors about J.J. Abrams directing Star Trek XI, confirmation has finally come from Hollywood Reporter. The buzz on this is spreading like a virus around the internet, eliciting hopes that Abrams won’t ruin the franchise and that the creator of “Lost” may bring a triumphant return to the beloved series. The 11th installment will actually be a prequel to the original television series and the first movie, as it follows the first meeting of a young James T. Kirk and Mr. Spock at Starfleet Academy and their first space mission. No other details or casting information has been announced, but keep watch here on as it all unveils. It’s currently set to open on July 2nd, 2008. []

On tenterhooks, jazeker. Al heb ik er niet zo’n goed gevoel bij, maar goed.

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  1. “It will include a mysterious monster existing entirely out of smoke, dinosaurs, a vague plotline – based on random events and children’s rhymes and a series of flashbacks to Spock’s past to explain a lot of things not really related to the movie itself. The movie is supposed to break the ice for 6 seasons of mindboggling, incomprehensable and totally of the rocker sci-fi, as never seen before. The red line throughout the movie and the subsequent series will be a group of Star Academy ensigns, crashed on a – supposedly – abandoned planet, trying to still look like calendarmodels after 60 days of deprivation, making up romantic love triangles as they move from unresolved mystery to unresolved mystery.
    An online forum, on which nothing will be revealed and potential plotlines will be discussed, will be opened shortly, and will function as prime source for the screenwriter-material.


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