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The Best Case for Jesus » Peter Kirby
Fair’s fair. Let’s try to make the best possible case for the historical existence of Jesus. One never learns about an issue completely unless they are willing to look at it from more than one angle. I intend to write a few more posts on this blog taking up the view of the loyal opposition. Thus I will presently, with respect for the dispassionate approach of Thomas Aquinas, look at the objections first.

flynavy88 comments on King of Saudi Arabia Has Died At 90
This is going to be an interesting few years for Saudi Arabia. King Abdullah was considered a reformer – his brother and predecessor, King Fahd, was a conservative who drove Saudi Arabia far deeper into Wahhabi Islam, in order to appease the clerics. King Abdullah, on the other hand, pushed quietly for a lot of reform for females and tried to reverse a lot of the change the hard-line conservatives in the country did during his predecessor’s reign. There are a LOT of people who don’t quite understand the dynamic between the Saudi people and the Saudi government – an absolute monarchy – and why blaming splitting/spurning Saudi Arabia could hurt us a lot more than trying to keep reforms in Saudi Arabia going. The following is a bit of a history lesson, but very relevant to the struggle going on there.

West’s praise of King Abdullah shows Saudi Arabia is exception to human rights stance | World news | The Guardian
The reverential reaction from western leaders to the news of King Abdullah’s death and the expected procession of top dignitaries to pay condolences in Riyadh serve as a reminder that Saudi Arabia, with its abundant wealth and geopolitical influence, is a perpetual exception to the west’s emphasis on human rights.

I Don’t Vaccinate My Child Because It’s My Right To Decide What Eliminated Diseases Come Roaring Back | The Onion – America’s Finest News Source
As a mother, I put my parenting decisions above all else. Nobody knows my son better than me, and the choices I make about how to care for him are no one’s business but my own. So, when other people tell me how they think I should be raising my child, I simply can’t tolerate it. Regardless of what anyone else thinks, I fully stand behind my choices as a mom, including my choice not to vaccinate my son, because it is my fundamental right as a parent to decide which eradicated diseases come roaring back.

Newly unsealed documents show Steve Jobs’ brutal response after getting a Google employee fired | PandoDaily
Apologizing and groveling to Steve Jobs is a recurring theme throughout these court dockets… as is the total disregard for all of the not-Steve Jobs names whose lives and fates are so casually dispatched with, like henchmen in a Hollywood film.

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