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We Have forgotten historical Real food… in the raising?GOT by Adamsfamily  Diy grassfed meats — Kickstarter
The animals most commonly slaughtered for food are cattle and water buffalo for beef. { Got-RealBeef ? } They Have been tampered with, From D.N.A. to the feedings of , The industry has even fed Beef products to Cow's  [  human altered & interventions ]   /As most should be aware, our friend theTyrannosaurus….  [ A red Meat eater ] Rex makes everything better! Gobbles up everything ,So 'why a T-rex?' Diet ? really is a question that should never, ever be asked in life. A COW OR TREX?.As per the golden rule, if you can fit a T-Rex into what you're doing, you fit it in – end of story. . [ Period ]  And we've [ modern day  Society  in Productions of ]  decided to bring . modified from nature …genetically introduce to shots antibiotics especially designed with Fatty oils taste specifications, To  human tounge sensations.. for taste due to the modern-day upbringing of livestock side by side techniques [ the reasoning behind ???–  for the sake of profit ] $$$

European Commission – PRESS RELEASES – Press release – Antitrust: Commission takes further steps in investigations alleging Google’s comparison shopping and advertising-related practices breach EU rules*
Commissioner Margrethe Vestager, in charge of competition policy, said: "Google has come up with many innovative products that have made a difference to our lives. But that doesn't give Google the right to deny other companies the chance to compete and innovate. Today, we have further strengthened our case that Google has unduly favoured its own comparison shopping service in its general search result pages. It means consumers may not see the most relevant results to their search queries. We have also raised concerns that Google has hindered competition by limiting the ability of its competitors to place search adverts on third party websites, which stifles consumer choice and innovation.

Google’s European Nightmare | Vrge Strategies
Nearly every headline about the European Commission’s antitrust decision against Google focused on the record-breaking $2.7 billion fine the commission levied against the search giant. While the fine is eye-popping, it is undoubtedly the least important aspect of the decision. In the future, we will likely remember this as a defining moment in Google’s history and a warning shot heard around Silicon Valley. To better understand why, here are four reasons the decision is far worse than you think:

P&G Cuts More Than $100 Million in ‘Largely Ineffective’ Digital Ads – WSJ
Procter & Gamble Co. said that its move to cut more than $100 million in digital marketing spend in the June quarter had little impact on its business, proving that those digital ads were largely ineffective.

Interactive Sex Questionnaire for Couples | Mojo Upgrade
Muhuhu. "Mojo Upgrade is an interactive sex questionnaire for couples to help them discover the fantasies that they might both enjoy together."