Links van 3 augustus 2018 tot 8 augustus 2018

How I gained commit access to Homebrew in 30 minutes
If I were a malicious actor, I could have made a small, likely unnoticed change to the openssl formulae, placing a backdoor on any machine that installed it. If I can gain access to commit in 30 minutes, what could a nation state with dedicated resources achieve against a team of 17 volunteers? How many private company networks could be accessed? How many of these could be used to escalate to large scale data breaches? What other package management systems have similar weaknesses?

BBC – Culture – Is horror the most disrespected genre?
Whenever a horror movie makes a splash… there is invariably an article calling it ‘smart’ or ‘elevated’ or ‘art house’ horror. They hate horror SO MUCH they have to frame its hits as something else.

Patrick Stewart cast in new Star Trek TV show |
“With overwhelming joy, it’s a privilege to welcome Sir Patrick Stewart back to the Star Trek fold. For over 20 years, fans have hoped for the return of Captain Jean-Luc Picard and that day is finally here. We can’t wait to forge new ground, surprise people, and honor generations both new and old.”

‘You’re getting nothing’: Steve Jobs’ daughter wrote a heartbreaking memoir about their often brutal relationship | Business Insider India
In one telling detail, Brennan-Jobs outlines how Jobs' lawyers insisted on finalising child support payouts and other payments on December 8, 1980. Four days later, Apple would IPO and Jobs would become immensely wealthy. She also recalled believing that her father replaced his Porsche every time it had a scratch, and asking if she could have his current model when he got rid of it. "You're not getting anything," he responded. "You understand? Nothing. You're getting nothing." Brennan-Jobs added that her father had not been "generous with money, or food, or words."

How-To | The Nation
"In the end, this decision means that we need to step back and look at not only our editing process, but at ourselves as editors." Ja inderdaad. En niét wegens het publiceren van het gedicht.

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