Links van 8 augustus 2018 tot 10 augustus 2018

It’s Nice That | Adobe has added 665 new Monotype fonts to Creative Cloud
Typographers of the creative world rejoice! Christmas has, sort of, come early this year: Adobe and Montoype have just snuck down the chimney, glugged the port, polished off Rudloph’s carrot, and deposited 665 new fonts from 41 type families under the tree. It’ll be like unwrapping a shiny new Playstation 2 all over again. Remember how good that felt? Being 10? Not having any real understanding of the full and crushing weight of the anxieties and stresses that were soon to wash all over you, day in, day out? Today’s like that, all over again.

Sex, Beer, and Coding: Inside Facebook’s Wild Early Days in Palo Alto
When the young Mark Zuckerberg moved to Palo Alto in 2004, he and his buddies built a corporate proto-culture that continues to influence the company today.

Why SETI Relies On Us Accepting Our Mediocrity
Why we downplay Fermi’s paradox.

Websites not available in the EU because of GDPR –

Are Facebook and YouTube quasi-governmental actors? – Infowars
The media platforms’ banishment of Alex Jones, a conspiracy theorist, raises difficult questions about constitutional standards

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