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Why Are Enterprises So Slow? – zwischenzugs
Have you ever found yourself saying things like: Why are enterprises so slow? How do they decide what to buy? Why is it so hard to deliver things in an enterprise? I worked for a large ‘enterprise’ organisation for a few years trying to deliver infrastructure software change, and found myself having to explain these things to developers who worked there, salespeople, external open source engineers, software engineers who worked for enterprise vendors, and even many, many people within that organisation.

Announcing the new GitHub and Jira Software integration | The GitHub Blog
Linking your GitHub account to Jira gives your team the ability to see their branches, commit messages, and pull requests right in the context of the Jira tickets they’re working on. You can also view references to Jira in GitHub issues, and pull requests, allowing for a deeper connection.

Experience: I was Bambi | Life and style | The Guardian
There’s a scene in the movie where Bambi is shot and you see his father appear. He says, “Bambi, get up, get up, you have to get up.” During a mission in Vietnam, a grenade went off, concussing me, and I took a bullet to the leg. I was down and dizzy, and then this young sergeant was standing over me, lifting my head. He said, “Sir, get up, you have to get up.” And there on the battlefield I was Bambi again.

Trump Was Supposed to Be in Jail—Not the White House
How did 63 million people vote for that man for president? Despise Hillary Clinton: 20 million. Care about nothing except overturning Roe v. Wade: 20 million. Actually think Trump is going to bring back manufacturing and coal: Seven million. Loathe people who aren’t white: Six million That leaves 10 million I can’t explain.

Sans Forgetica
Sans Forgetica is a downloadable font that is scientifically designed to help you remember your study notes.

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