Links van 26 december 2018 tot 30 december 2018

Comment la fistule anale de Louis XIV a permis la création de l’hymne britannique “God Save the Queen” ?
Les Anglais ont aujourd'hui, sans certainement le savoir, comme hymne national, un air qui a été composé pour le cul du roi Louis XIV

Responsive design – Owl Studios – Medium
This is a deep-dive into the role of development in the design process, with a focus on responsive design. It’s aimed at design leaders/managers and developers working with design teams, and visual designers looking to become better web designers. I’ll attempt to lay out the problems, and suggest practical solutions. I hope it helps.

Jordan Peterson has boycotted Patreon and raised a whole $800 in bitcoin donations in a week. As required, /r/Bitcoin discusses if this is good for bitcoin : SubredditDrama
Everyone's favorite crustacean loving pseudo-intellectual has now embraced everyone's favorite shitcoin, but /r/bitcoin is torn on whether or not it answers the eternal question, "Is this good for bitcoin?"

Trump: Give Me a Wall or I’ll Close the Southern Border
Trump’s threat to “close the border” appears to be a desperate attempt to secure some kind of leverage over negotiating partners who show no signs of caving. And it is (arguably) true that the president could at least temporarily shutter the U.S.-Mexico border by invoking his national security powers, and that this would inflict some economic pain on Democratic constituencies. It is also true that Trump has unilateral authority to initiate a thermonuclear armageddon, and that Nancy Pelosi would probably prefer to fund a border wall than perish in an atomic holocaust. But our president is the kind of demented nihilist who threatens to use his national security powers to inflict suffering on the American people, for the sake of narrow legislative gains — not the kind who would actually do so! Or, probably not, anyway!

Google kills Allo, its AI-powered messaging app
Google Allo is the latest casualty of Silicon Valley’s course correction on conversational interfaces.

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