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Arcade Improv: Humans Pretending to Be Videogames – Waxy.orgInstantly, Mike and Jerry understood, along with everyone in the audience born before 1978. Catherine Young & Family, Page OneA family working in the Tifton (Ga.) Cotton Mill. Mrs. A.J. Young works in mill and at home. Nell (oldest girl) alternates in mill with mother. Mammy (next […]

Working with sources in Genbox

Imagine you ran a narrative report on a person in your genealogy database and you got this as a result: Basilius Franciscus Gilliet, son of Benedictus (Benoit) and Fran├žoise Ferdinande (Springael) Gilliet, was born on 20 December 1818 in the rue des Ecuries in Gent. Witnesses to the birth declaration were Basil Van Loo and […]