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AppleInsider | Adobe releases Photoshop companion apps for Apple’s iPad
Adobe's three Photoshop CS5 companion applications for iPad — Adobe Ezel, Nav and Color Lava — are now available for purchase on the App Store.

Artificial grammar learning reveals inborn language sense | Johns Hopkins University – The Gazette
Parents know the unparalleled joy and wonder of hearing a beloved child’s first words turn quickly into whole sentences and then babbling paragraphs. But how human children acquire language—which is so complex and has so many variations—remains largely a mystery. Fifty years ago, linguist and philosopher Noam Chomsky proposed an answer: Humans are able to learn language so quickly because some knowledge of grammar is hardwired into our brains. In other words, we know some of the most fundamental things about human language unconsciously at birth, without ever being taught.Now, in a groundbreaking study, cognitive scientists at The Johns Hopkins University have confirmed a striking prediction of the controversial hypothesis that human beings are born with knowledge of certain syntactical rules that make learning human languages easier.

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