The little annoyments of everyday

So, you must have noticed surely, Google has braught out a Social Network, namely Google+, a few weeks ago?

If you wil forgave me for getting on one of my stick-horses again: yes ladies and gentlemens, it is oncemore the same history as with all the previous social networks and other things (by example blogs, and podcasts, and vlogs in the prehistory, and Facebook and Twitter and all that): peoples writing in broken English and discussing under each other with a language the two of them don’t even speak.

Oh and yes I know some of thems are going to say they have many potential readers in English and so, but really! It is probably me being prejudicial and stuff, but all I can be thinking of is, “that is just guys trying to be interesting to be interesting” (and hoping that Klout wil take into account Google+ soon, I guess, hihi).

Ach well, I know what to do: if it annoys me I can avoid it also, all I have to do is remove them from my circles.

What I will do then: uncircle on Google+, all of the people who annoy me.

It’s not worth the bother to wind me up over it: tomorrow is already the last day of works before the vacancy! And than it will be two weeks of beeches and sands and doing nothings, hehe!


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