Iraq extends inspection offer

  • Iraq extends inspection offer [BBC World]
    Stomme amerikanen.
  • Textmode Quake. Een selectie uit de reacties:

    • “people are starving to death in this world… and somebody had time for this…..”
    • “This is seriously, extremely perverse. I’m impressed.”
    • “This is quite possibly the most inherently wrong thing in the world today.”
    • “I can now die. This totally, totally, totally rules.”
    • “Rarely do I see something on the web that makes me scream OUT LOUD, but I saw this page and yelled, “Oh Jesus God, NO!” like I had just seen Rosemary’s Baby. I don’t know what the contest was, but YOU WIN!”

  • Geometric sculpture of George W. Hart. Has to be essene to be believed. Voor de rest ook goeie site trouwens.

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