Goed bezig gasten! Them quoting

Goed bezig gasten! Them quoting me quoting them quoting me. En zo blijven we bezig.

The coattails of de Cock. My referrer log today shows about 20 hits from variations on people searching for Véronique de Cock, a spillover from my metacommentary on Michel’s rise in the Salon rankings. Michel is now posting occasionally in English, something I selfishly am glad to see. Of course I’m not completely monolingual. Everyone speaks different dialects. Maybe I should do some posts in neurotic passive-aggressive stylee?

More mentions on other people’s weblogs … there must be more mentions, because apparently I have been in the top 100 links from weblogs…. On the other hand: it looks as if the storm is slowly but surely dying down. Phew.

[Radio Free Blogistan]