High praise indeed :) Michel

High praise indeed 🙂

Michel Vuijlsteke is climbing up the rankings, thanks it seems to some flurry of interest in one Veronique de Cock’s chest. Which isn’t to say that this bilingual blog doesn’t deserve as much traffic as it gets. [Scott Rosenberg]

I’d very much hesitate to call my blog bilingual tho. On the other hand, if I keep commenting on mentions in other people’s blogs in the language they mention me, I might as well continue writing in English. And on yet another hand: what would make a blog “deserving of traffic”?

From what the referers tell me I got mentioned on rebelutionary, Scott Rosenberg’s Links & Comment, Ob·jec·tive (“the only dutch link you’ll see on this blog“) and–it gets better every day–on the reverse cowgirl’s blog (“in her final tit move, the very next day, Veronique went and got her boobsies ultrasounded, along with a camera crew, possibly to check for implants, possibly to see if there was a fetus in there“–whee!).

I’m fairly chortling with glee. And all that for having mentioned Veronique De Kock and her naked bazongas once. Well, OK, more than once since last week.

One of these days I’ll get a call from a lawyer, I swear. Might even be a call to enquire if our company would be interested in making Veronique a website. Yeah, that’ll be the day.

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