I can feel my head

I can feel my head swelling. Blogistan’s Christian, in a comment to this entry, wants to know how I figure in the dutchphonic blogosphere.

Tee hee, that’ll be the day. Normally nobody except Free (freevh.com) and Stijn (siggma.be) reads this. Possibly Peter (amongst others Tuscani.be and Stormvision.be) too. And maybe Lieve (no website, tch!).

I can image I could have a wider audience if I wrote this in English. I can image I’d attract the kind of people who would be interested in the inane blathering of Some Guy Who Doesn’t Have A Life?. Possibly.

But then again, I don’t really want that kind of attention. So why’d I start a weblog? Well, I’ve always wanted to keep a diary. And I’ve been writing stuff on websites ever since I had the Albania For King Zog Committee site. And I’m a compulsive collector. Of things. Books. DVDs. Stuff. Computers. Keyboards. Links to websites. Data. Anything. So it only seemed natural to put all that together and start a weblog to keep a kind of personal record of my feelings, sites I visit, things I do, etcetera.

Why in Dutch? I could probably do this in English. Or in French, given a reason. But Dutch is the language I’m most confident writing in. I don’t want to be searching for words when I feel like saying something. In fact, I’m not even writing proper Dutch. Should I be flattered when Harald [dichter@email.com] says “I’m afraid ‘blerg’ is a Vuijlstekism.“? I dunno. I write in my weblog as if I were writing an e-mail to someone I know. Who would, on average be Flemish, fluent in English, at home on the internet and interested in all sorts of things.

Doe mee met de conversatie

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  1. Wees blij! Je gaat de geschiedenis in als de uitvinder (of in ieder geval claimer) van het woord ‘blerg’.

    En ik als bedenker van de term ‘Vuijlstekism’.

    En nu maar zorgen dat zo veel mogelijk mensen deze meme gaan gebruiken. We worden beroemd!


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