Rah rah that man! De

Rah rah that man! De britse minister van cultuur zegt het hoe het is:

Culture Minister Kim Howells has blasted the contenders for one of the art world’s leading prizes as “conceptual bullshit”.

He accused the art establishment of being out of touch with public taste and urged a new generation of artists to step forward.

Howells was reacting to the entries for the Turner Prize, on show at London’s Tate Britain gallery. The prize, derided by its critics as a farce, has been won in the past by pickled sheep and elephant dung.

Howells visited the exhibition and left a comment pinned to a gallery noticeboard.

“If this is the best British artists can produce then British art is lost,” the note read. “It is cold, mechanical, conceptual bullshit.” [Reuters via Yahoo]

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