Whatever eventually happens in

Whatever eventually happens in Louisiana, the Democrats have lost control of the Senate. The nation will return almost immediately to the Republican domination of the executive, legislative and judicial branches that existed before Vermont’s Jim Jeffords turned independent last year. Now the Democratic voters who chose not to show up Tuesday are going to find out what their decision meant, in a country ruled by President Bush, Trent Lott and Tom DeLay. From drilling in Alaska to regressive taxation to unilateral war, the agenda of the corporate and religious right will shape our future. [Salon]

De republikeinen hebben gewonnen, of beter, de democraten hebben verloren. En het is hun eigen stomme schuld. Gewoon beschamend hoe ze geen greintje kritiek hadden–of hebben–op Bush. Erger nog, hoe ze geen enkel alternatief konden bieden voor de idiotieën van de republikeinen.

Pfuh, Daschle en de zijnen zullen direkt zien wat de GOP verstaat onder “bipartisan”.

Since Bush passed his tax cut and since Sept. 11, the Democrats have been cornered. A purely defensive strategy — taking both issues off the table — led them to this result. An offensive strategy — against war and for raising taxes — would have delivered an even worse one. Or they could have come up with a tough but different anti-terror plan and a positive economic message. But they didn’t. So they lost. [ook Salon]