Meer details over Grischka en

Meer details over Grischka en Igor Bogdanoff:

«Toujours ensemble, toujours d’accord, sans même se consulter, témoigne Jean-Yves Casgha, président du festival Science Frontière. Les Bogdas ne sont pas deux mais un même être double. Grishka a la tête dans les étoiles. Igor est beaucoup plus terrien, implanté.» Igor a construit jusqu’aux fausses pierres en ciment de son manoir parisien, Grishka vit «dans la bibliothèque du Vatican», un appartement enseveli sous les livres anciens. [Libération]

En iemand die blijkbaar niet denkt aan een hoax:

All that does not make any sense. The Bogdanoff passed their thesis after years of hard work. I have read their thesis and I have no doubt concerning the originality of their ideas in the field of TFT (which is not that familiar to most of strings specialists). Concerning the published papers (specially the CQG paper) you should all make the effort to read them carefully. You would then realize that there is something quite new regarding the description of (pre)spacetime around the Planck scale. The mathematics behind are very sophisticated and it is the first time that I see a clear connexion between quantum groups th. as applied to physics at the planck scale. So before speaking about the “hoax” of Bogdanoff brothers one should first read (and try to understand) the work. [A. Lebourgeois]

Prompt gevolgd door een specialist ter zake:

>The mathematics behind are
>very sophisticated and it is the first time that I see a clear
>connexion between quantum groups th. as applied to physics at the
>planck scale.

I’m quite comfortable with quantum groups, and it’s not the first time I’ve seen people try to make a connection between them and Planck-scale physics.  In fact, I’ve written a few papers on precisely this subject!  So, please tell me what this “clear connection” is supposed to be – in enough detail so I can see if there really is anything substantial here or not.  Merely speaking of a “clear connection”, without saying what it is, is not very convincing.
[John Baez]

En John Baez maakt in hetzelfde artikel nog een mysterieuze toespeling: “By the way, I no longer think the Bogdanoff’s papers are part of a Sokal-style hoax designed to poke fun at physics. I think something else is going on here.  Rich Monastersky is doing a story on this subject for the Chronicle of Higher Education, and with any luck it will contain some information that will shed a new light on the case.”

Enfin, meer dan ik begrijp te vinden hier en hier. Het meest troublerend vond ik deze:

So no one in the string group at harvard can tell if these papers are real or fraudulent. This morning told that they were frauds everyone was laughing at how obvious it is. This afternoon, told they are real professors and that this is not a fraud, everyone here says, well, maybe it is real stuff”.


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