Germany is gripped by

Germany is gripped by a horror tale of murder and cannibalism after media reports revealed that the victim, Juergen B (Right photo), agreed to have his penis cut off by Armin M. Menschenfresser (Left Photo). Then, the penis was cooked and eaten by both men. German police are watching home videos made by the sex cannibal who shared a last meal of flambéed penis with his willing victim before carving him up and freezing the man’s remaining body parts to eat later. The entire slaughter was also documented on video tape then transferred by Armin M to a CD-ROM. The victim in the cannibal murder case in Germany wrote his will immediately before he met his murderer, authorities said today amid mounting indications that victim and killer both engaged in cannibalism. “The victim appeared to be fully aware of the situation,” an investigator said. “Videotape material definitely shows both him and the suspect engaged in eating his own flesh prior to his death.”

En er een hele site rondgebouwd, waar zijn sommige mensen mee bezig?

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