Brrr vies. Ik was op

Brrr vies. Ik was op zoek naar informatie over Annabella Sciorra, en dan kom ik op deze pagina van Bill Hayman terecht, vies!

Annabella Sciorra’s latest release WHAT DREAMS MAY COME now has a very special meaning for me, as it has been the last film my wife Cynthia (a.k.a. Destry) and I saw in the theater before her unfortunate and untimely decease januari 7th.
She was aware of the fact it was unavoidable and found a lot of comfort in the ideas the film presented. And she had a great night enjoying the film and Annabella’s performance, a night I will certainly never forget.
Both my collection of Annabella’s films and this site would not have been possible without Cyn’s love, help and patience and I would like to dedicate the site in her memory.
Cynthia will always be my Mrs. Wonderful

I am very sorry to say that, due to the circumstances that I had already mentioned here above, I can no longer go on maintaining this site. I have had to make some tough decisions over the past period, in which no doubt you will have mentioned not many updates were made. One of these decisions was cutting back on my internet activities, in order not to spread myself too thin. I’m sure you will understand that raising the kids and seeing to it that they get all the time and attention they deserve is far more important, and everything that takes up too much of my time just had to go for now. I am sorry that the only way to clear my mind was just erasing everything while I was feeling so bold – that way I couldn’t go back on my decision. I thank you all for your support, It is appreciated. This was a hard decision to make, but some things are just even more important.

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