De volgende keer dat Sandra

De volgende keer dat Sandra mij luidkeels ter hulp roept omdat er ergens een spin zit, zal ik haar dit laten lezen: ratten zo groot al een kat in Zuid-Afrika! Mensenetende ratten!

At the weekend, Agmat Fischer, 41, confined to bed with lung cancer, lay helpless in his corrugated-iron room in the back garden of his family’s Sugarloaf Street home, too weak to shout for help, while hungry rats nibbled at his toes.
The dazed and barely conscious Fischer, discovered bleeding on his bed by a relative on Saturday morning, was admitted to GF Jooste Hospital in Manenberg, but died on Sunday.
The rat attack on Fischer followed the death of Billy Franke, a paraplegic, who lived in the same street and who was attacked about two years ago by two rats which gnawed their way into his room and ate a substantial part of his lower legs and feet.

Maar daarnaast vind ik ratten eigenlijk wreed wijze beesten.

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