It’s all coming back! The

It’s all coming back! The memories! Ik was het al haast vergeten:

Windows 3.0 quickly became known for the initials “UAE.” These stood for “Unrecoverable Application Error,” which is what the pop-up box proclaimed when Windows was just about to crash. It meant the system had gone haywire due to a lack of cooperation — even if only one program, typically Word for Windows, was running — and that any work done since the last time it was saved to disk was now about to be lost. Perhaps the most maddening thing about it was the sheer audacity of the little “OK” box: The computer would sit there and do nothing until the user clicked on this box, whereupon the computer would go ahead and finish crashing, now with the user’s permission. [The Sad Parable of OS/2]

Ha, en de dagen zelfs nog daarvoor: Pagemaker en de Windows Runtime!

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