Jaja, de Amerikanen zijn echt

Jaja, de Amerikanen zijn echt kwaad op ons Europeanen. Als modeblaadjes zoals Fashionline al dergelijk praat uitslaan:

Paris and in particular, a certain snotty Dominique de Villepin, the French Minister of Foreign Affairs, has managed to chill the warmth we American fashion writers have felt for Paris.. The 49 year old Mr. de Villepin, who resembles a silver weasel, referred to the US foreign policy as “too simplistic.” Ooooo, scary, Mr. de Villepin–we Americans want to be as complicated as the French some day! Weasel out of wars until the last bloody minute, be rude to heads of states, be ignorant about the facts. Let’s face it, the French have got the clothes and the wine, and they LOVE to tell others how it is…they just don’t like to do anything or commit to anything themselves! Did you know that the Oxford English Dictionary, the definitive dictionary of the English language, has as its sixth entry for the word weasel: “1807-08 W. Irving, Salamagundi, A little meagre, weazel-faced Frenchman?” They have been weasels for hundreds of years!

Zeer volwassen.

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