Woorden uit 1970: frag, v.

Woorden uit 1970:

frag, v.

(fr&g) [Abbrev. of fragmentation (grenade).]

To throw a fragmentation grenade at one’s superior officer, esp. one who is considered over-zealous in his desire for combat. So fragging vbl. n.

1970 Daily Colonist (Victoria, B.C.) 9 Dec. 5/4 Another spectacular technique is ?fragging?. ?To frag? is a term meaning to use a fragmentation grenade ?to cool the ardor of any officer or NCO too eager to make contact with the enemy?. 1971 Courier-Mail (Brisbane) 19 May 1/3 Ther

e were 209 fragging incidents last year, according to the Army and 34 deaths were listed as probably due to these. 1972 Sat. Rev. 8 Jan. 12/1 Fragging is a macabre ritual of Vietnam in which American enlisted men attempt to murder their superiors. The word comes from the nickname for hand grenades, a weapon popular with enlisted men because the evidence is destroyed with the consummation of the crime.


U.S. slang.

(ri;p@U) [Shortened f. repossession n., repossessed ppl. a., etc.: o2.]

1. repo man = *repossessor n.

1970 Wall St. Jrnl. 21 July 1/1 Mr. Civerolo and his helper are auto repossessors, or ?repo men?. 1985 Business First 2 Dec. i. 1 (heading) The repo man reclaims what isn’t possessed. 1986 Semper Floreat (Brisbane) 7 Oct. 22/1 Repo Men are to capitalism what hit-men are to organised crime?the hired help. 1988 Runner’s World July 51/3 Mark’s been living hand-to-mouth. For the last year, he’s been one step ahead of the Repo Man.

yucky, a.


jVkI) Also yukky. [f. yuck a.]

a. Nasty, unpleasant; sickly sentimental.

1970 D. Uhnak Ledger v. 79 She wanted to go to a lousy, yukky secretarial college.

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