Leve Patrick Moore! A meteorite

Leve Patrick Moore!

A meteorite is heading toward Earth and will completely destroy it in one hour. What would you do?
I would play the piano. Probably a Viennese waltz. For the whole hour. And I’d have a large gin and tonic, or several, on top of the piano. I suppose I would have a quick look at the meteorite through my telescope, but then it’d be back to the piano.

Do you discern a divine plan in the universe?
There are three things I never discuss in public: football, politics and religion. Why? Because I don’t want to. The origin of the universe was, of course, the Big Bang, which happened about 14,700 billion years ago. I was away at the time. What happened before that? Who knows? We’re stuck either way. Either the universe began then or else it’s always existed. We can’t imagine either scenario. I can’t, and neither could Einstein. I know, because I asked him.
 [The Independent]

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