“Initiating preflight check…”1. Cabal of

“Initiating preflight check…”1. Cabal of oldsters who won’t listen to outside advice? Check.2. No understanding of ethnicities of the many locals? Check.3. National boundaries drawn in Europe, not by the locals? Check.4. Unshakable faith in our superior technology? Check.5. France secretly hoping we fall on our asses? Check.6. Russia secretly hoping we fall on our […]

En nog een generaal met

En nog een generaal met commentaar: “We should have at least three armored divisions there, plus the 1st Cavalry,” Funk said, repeating earlier warnings that not enough heavy forces were in place at the start of the war. “We need overwhelming combat power,” he said. “But Rumsfeld, he knows everything. He’s run a drug company, […]

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld repeatedly rejected advice from Pentagon planners that substantially more troops and armor would be needed to fight a war in Iraq, New Yorker Magazine reported. In an article for its April 7 edition, which goes on sale on Monday, the weekly said Rumsfeld insisted at least six times in the run-up […]

Pfuh, als het dat maar

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It’s funny cause it’s true

It’s funny cause it’s true 🙂 Eerst dit artikel lezen, en dan de reactie hieronder, die op Slashdot stond. My experiences of programmers (Score:4, Interesting) by Anonymous Coward on Saturday March 29, @10:12AM (#5622150) After 8 years of software testing and QA, here are my experiences of programmers. No it’s not flame bait – but […]

Federal investigators have arrested

Federal investigators have arrested an enigmatic Wall Street wiz on insider-trading charges — and incredibly, he claims to be a time-traveler from the year 2256! Sources at the Security and Exchange Commission confirm that 44-year-old Andrew Carlssin offered the bizarre explanation for his uncanny success in the stock market after being led off in handcuffs […]