Off-line editing, lalala

I can only imagine how many feature requests like this the guys at Six Apart get. If only they’d make their feature request / help / bug report database public (hint, hint).

I’d like to be able to create/edit/delete posts on a TypePad website using another programme, possibly via an XML-RPC/SOAP/Blogger API kind of mechanism. Here’s why.

I consider my weblog(s) as a kind of diary. I spend most of my waking life on-line, but there are times when I’m not in the vicinity of an ethernet cable or wireless access point 🙂

I’d like to be able to post an entry to my weblog even when I’m not physically on-line. With Radio this is easy: I only need to have my laptop to be able to post; when I’m back on-line the entries get sent to the internet.

I realise it’s very propably not TypePad’s ambition to duplicate what Radio does, and put a web server on the client’s computer–I can image the nightmares it must give Userland to keep Mac and Windows implementations going at the same time, and considering MT’s core audience is probably quite Linux-minded–‘nuff said.

I’ve rolled my own weblog application (J2EE, ColdFusion MX); it can be edited on-line just like TypePad but it also accepts messages from my Windows (.NET, C#) weblog client. This client has its own local database (Access MDE) and synchronises with the weblog to get/put all modified posts since its last sync from/to the main weblog database.

Since I know there’s only one user (me), I don’t have to take into account any complex check in/check out rules, and I can install the client on any number of computers: currently it’s on my laptop, on my main computer at work and at home, and on my parents’ computer under my account.

Long story short: I would like to manage my TypePad weblog(s) with my own weblogging tool. Will this be possible?

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