Here’s something I often do. I put a thumbnail of an image in a weblog entry and link to the larger version from the thumbnail, like so:

This is the amount of spam I get on an average Tuesday on my ten year old e-mail account.

Items marked in yellow are not spam. All the rest is. And that’s after the spam filter had its say.

How cool would it be if there were a function to automatically post an image-cum-thumbnail? All the functions to do so are present in TypePad: upload file even has the option to generate a post; all that’s needed from there is to add the resize function as present in the photo albums.

Ideally I’d like an “insert image” button with an option to “create thumbnail and link to full image”.

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  1. I’m not as much impressed with the spam list as with the fact that you’ve kept an email address for 10 years. Wow.

    PS–This function already exists in TP and MT. Go to New Post, then Upload File. You can then create a thumbnail in whatever dimensions you want, and then select “Embedding Image” and “Make New Post.” Voila, TP does all the work for you!

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