I’m mad as hell…

Hear hear.

I’m mad as hell…

…so why should I take this anymore?

Apologies to any readers who tried to access this blog, or any Salon hosted blog for the last 8 hours or so. The whole server went off the Net, and none of us received any response from the Radio Userland (or Salon) people.

Finally, some minutes ago, this was the “explanation” we received:

Sorry, the Web server for blogs.salon.com stopped responding overnight and was restarted.

Not good enough, RU, not good enough at all. Us Salon bloggers have been the most patient group of paying customers in existence. The rcs server, which handles all comments, statistics and updates, has always been about as reliable as the power supply in Baghdad. Complains have been consistently ignored, or at least nothing is done to improve the service. Now the whole friggin server goes down for a whole day, and nobody finds out about it before after eight hours.

[Secular Blasphemy]

I betaal hier godverdomme geld voor. Dedju.

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