Chris Pirillo on crack. Confirmed.

Ghn?? Die mens gebruikt Outlook niet of zo? Alleen al voor “group by conversation”, de nieuwe layout van de preview pane en het samen kunenn bekijken van meer dan één kalender is 2003 de moeite.

Outlook 2003 Sucks Ass. Bigtime.
I’ve had it running for about a week now, and find it very difficult to give it anything beyond a “D+” as a grade. It’s noticably slower than Outlook 2000, and (beyond the high-color icons) brings with it ghastly UI changes. Maybe YOU appreciate being able to view the subject line of a message from across the room, but I don’t. Maybe YOU think it’s wonderful to toggle certain features (lest you care to suffer the unusable alternative), but I don’t. IMHO, the only saving grace of Outlook 2003 as a non-Exchange PIM is Search Folders – but that’s only because I’m a NewsGator junkie. I’m severely disappointed with this release, and will not recommend it without caveats (as you will discover in one of my future CPU articles). Piss poor job on this one, Microsoft. Someone needs to develop a TweakUI to clean up your mistakes and oversights immediately, and I’ll be happy to offer dozens of suggestions.
Ho, wacht, ik zie het al: “the only saving grace of Outlook 2003 as a non-Exchange PIM“. Aha, vandaar.

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