Warp 6.2… engage!

Ein ganz toller Typ, die Wesley Clark, maar dit is toch wel een beetje des Guten zuviel:

“We need a vision of how we’re going to move humanity ahead, and then we need to harness science to do it,” Clark told a group of about 50 people in New Castle attending a house party — a tradition in New Hampshire presidential politics that enables well-connected voters to get an up-close look at candidates.
Then the 58-year-old Arkansas native, who retired from the military three years ago, dropped something of a bombshell on the gathering.
“I still believe in e=mc?, but I can’t believe that in all of human history, we’ll never ever be able to go beyond the speed of light to reach where we want to go,” said Clark. “I happen to believe that mankind can do it.
“I’ve argued with physicists about it, I’ve argued with best friends about it. I just have to believe it. It’s my only faith-based initiative.” [Wired News: Clark Campaigns at Light Speed]

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