Haal boven die zilverpapieren hoeden… of toch niet?

Do people really think Al Qaida are so stupid?
Just think about it boys and girls – who needed a good story to bump the abuse pix off the front page? Who was facing a growing scandal? Who needed to swing public opinion back behind the war (and, co-incidentally, get approval thru the Senate for another $25Bn)? Who had held Nick Berg in custody in Iraq and caused him to miss his flight home?
Yessir, boys and girls – it is all TOO coincidental that the US needed this to happen.
The men who did this are masked. We already know US soldiers are more than capable of inflicting “collateral damage” on one nuisance individual if it serves the public good.
Wake up and smell the roses folks – when the first pix of soldiers abusing Iraqis came out, everyone screams, “fake”, well, you can’t fake a beheading, but you can do one for propaganda.
Gone = one pesky civilian who had been locked up for over a month (no reason given as to why)
Proved = Al Qaida alive and well in Iraq, where no proof had been before
Exonerated = “look guys, we are not as bad as that lot, no matter what we do”.
This smacks of “wag the dog” in the worst possible way.

En nog:

How can you automatically assume this is real?
Take a moment to reflect on the audio (it seems dubbed), the video (which is heavily edited), and the characteristics of those doing the supposed killing.
Could it be that he was already dead at the time of the beheading?
Can you even see if his eyes are open?
His last whereabouts were in U.S. custody.
Please take a moment, step back, and see this as a possible propaganda tool, because you know the neo-cons are drooling.
Think for yourselves. Thanks.

Gevonden op deze pagina, waar het voor de rest behoorlijk vol staat met grappig (eigenlijk: diep-tragisch) commentaar op de onthoofding vna Nick Berg.

En ‘t is wel waar: die video is van dermate lage kwaliteit, het zou gelijk wie of wat kunnen zijn. En de timing is wel heel erg toepasselijk.