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In het departement what the fuck?12 Ways To Crush Your Own Testicles In Your Own Home [via Warren Ellis]

Hello everyone! Allow me to introduce myself. My name is BlueCaller and my intention is to offer some advice to all of you men out there who crave a decent bout of testicular pain, but have no-one to administer it to you.

I too have enjoyed the concept of being hit/kicked/kneed in the balls since I began puberty. It was only fairly recently (November 99) that I met a wonderful woman who has been prepared to indulge me in my fantasies. She was uncomfortable at first, but as time has gone on….she has slowly found more and more power and pleasure from kicking me in the nuts.

Proving Ugol’s Law, one web page at a time.

I believe that most of us have to resort to methods like these at some time or another to achieve arousal, so I hope that here you will find a method that crushes your nuts as flat as you want em!

Errr… no. No thanks.

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