links for 2004-12-15

Oranges Project Madness! Teenie tiny madness, but still: madness! (categories: weird) Putting tags into Movable Type entries, using the Keywords space (categories: blog movabletype) The TAO of Topic Maps (categories: classification ia) List of kennings Never know when this’ll come in handy. (categories: reference writing) Bullet-Proof Rounded Corners (categories: css design tutorial) Illuminati […]

links for 2004-12-14

Clearing a float container without source markup (categories: css html) New Power for ‘Old Europe’ But while they are newly emboldened at home, the Administration and its corporate allies are looking warily across the Atlantic to Brussels. Here, in the capital of the European Union, an unprecedented challenge to longstanding practices of American indus (categories: […]

links for 2004-12-11

Guantánamo torture and humiliation still going on, says shackled Briton Fresh allegations about a regime of torture and humiliation inflicted on detainees by their American captors at Guantánamo Bay have been made by a Briton still held there, according to Foreign Office documents seen by the Guardian. (categories: news usa war) Technical Jiggery Pokery: Thunderbird’s […]

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Who poisoned Yushchenko? Doctors at the Austrian clinic that treated Ukraine’s opposition leader confirm there was a plot to kill him (categories: news) Proposition de redesign de la Westfalia pour VW (categories: car design) Shhh.pdf (application/pdf Object) (categories: humour) CFEclipse :: start ColdFusion plugin for Eclipse (categories: coldfusion programming)