Match recap

Kijk, ik doe wat ze mij vragen. Ene Micker stuurde mij dit verslag door met de vraag het te laten weten aan iedereen. Bij deze dus.

Last night went very with the two “new” players contributing to the flow which created a 5-2 margin.  Missing 9 adding 2 left us with 12 which meant  90minutes for almost everyone.
Mag is 4th yielding 3+ goals a match and was beating last week by the King’s 7-1. 

Billy Kopa and Eugene joined us as the two new.  (Eugene sent to us via the RFC ‘0-40 mgr Steve Bozick, Thank you!!)  (Billy is guest player from the Bothell’s WSSA team)  Eugene added to our running up front with Kent. Billy provided coverage in the mid field with Space there to collect the ball and restart the attack.  The mid field of Space, Billy, Dave and Mic used the width to provide runners with through passes, to supply the forwards, as well add to the scoring. 

Our Defense with Rickey, Tor, Dan, Mike B, Geoff and Larry for the most part thwart their attack after some serious early pressure as they adjusted to working as a unit.   Larry in goal gets the “golden boot” as he dove to smother a close in shot early in the second half.  Great job!!  

The forwards Kent and Eugene made themselves available to constantly pressure their goal and added to the total goals.

It was one of those nights where your work was rewarded as the play found a way to flow out of the defensive third into the attack with satisfying results.  

Well done everyone! 

Ik kan niet anders dan mij daar bij aansluiten: goed gedaan gasten, allemaal samen en elk apart.

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