Chinese spam

‘t Is eens iets anders dan Chinese tatoeages.

Met een beetje online vertaling is er wel te achterhalen dat het om management trainingen of zoiets gaat, maar wat er uit die programma’s komt is vaak zuivere poëzie:

Yu Hento Ban, the outstanding technique worker moves towards the base management position, very many periods of five days can not but the surface:

1st, on under the resentment, lives one day busily to face upwards, the management bad is still bad…

2nd, lives no matter what completes looks for me, the labor feels emotion looks for me, the efficiency, the quantity does well also looks for me…

3rd, under is several dozens people, works my line, manages the person, the person, the group person completes the work to be possible…

4th, a your set, he makes other set, his method is better than you, how teaches the law?

5th, lives numerous, that, a person pile, the position frequently does not lack the manpower, how?

6th, big does not violate, is small, the labor always the counter-law, how labor correction?

7th, the table is not good, his how many sentences, does the surface receive, behind does with you, how does the labor accept manager’s Italy?

8th, gawks is blue, the old oil, how the thorn manages, how?

9th, lives, the manager is finally one knows the information, how passes with the labor, labor effective adjusting work?

10th, my base manager already could not decide the labor wage, also could not decide the company boundary, how stirred up under a person?

11th, lives I also to want to do well, may be by is effective, how is living cultivates Italy?

12th, day in day out all in principle, but very many periods of five days are the pain, the pain, how?

The first-class factory all has the first-class manufacture – to hold enhances the efficiency, does not reduce the production cost: The first-class manager cultivated the first-class labor, the first-class labor has made first-class! An outstanding manager does not have grips the technique operation ability, moreover has rich Xie?? The management skill!

Zha shih I mostly make business matter am: Business center receives the management to be able much a manager, mostly only “technique expert” the function, many all is “the ball game star family background”, but has “one teaches” the function, can one be splendid! How “does the technique operation expert” “one teach the expert” – to welcome you to add this time to live the management skill to cultivate!

On-line vertalers: latter day I Ching.