Sputtering light

Met bijna twee weken vertraging gelezen wegens werkmail niet bekeken, maar ik werd er helemaal stil van…

Sputtering light

Sir, – I am an Israeli expatriate, born in 1946. I have always loved my homeland and been proud to be an Israeli. My father used to say, “Israel is a light to all nations.” I never thought much about this until recently, when I wished it were true.

When Cpl. Gilad Shalit was taken by Hamas, a nation that is a light to all others would have said: “Yes, our neighbors in Gaza, we do indeed plan to return your [jailed] women and children. But that is not all; we will provide a stipend of $20,000 for every freed Palestinian child to study, and $20,000 for every freed Palestinian woman to plant her vegetable garden, and provide a little bit for her family. We will call this the Gilad Shalit Fund.”

A deed like this, which would cost Israel less than a half a day of war, would surely turn the Middle East around.

My uncle, Andrew Loew, a Holocaust survivor who learned on his own flesh what it is like to be a Jew without a homeland, encouraged me to write this letter to you (“Red Cross demands that soldiers’ captors allow links to families,” July 14).


Stond in de Jerusalem Post op 18 juli.

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