Die Hersch toch

Hoo-boy. ‘t Wordt weer een fijne dag op de weblogs in het Vrije Westen.

“The big question for our Air Force was how to hit a series of hard targets in Iran successfully,” the former senior intelligence official said. “Who is the closest ally of the U.S. Air Force in its planning? It’s not Congo—it’s Israel. Everybody knows that Iranian engineers have been advising Hezbollah on tunnels and underground gun emplacements. And so the Air Force went to the Israelis with some new tactics and said to them, ‘Let’s concentrate on the bombing and share what we have on Iran and what you have on Lebanon.’ ” The discussions reached the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, he said.

“The Israelis told us it would be a cheap war with many benefits,” a U.S. government consultant with close ties to Israel said. “Why oppose it? We’ll be able to hunt down and bomb missiles, tunnels, and bunkers from the air. It would be a demo for Iran.”
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In ‘t kort: de “oorlog” zou er hoedanook toch gekomen zijn, want Hezbollah zou toch ooit wel eens iets, om het even wat mispeuterd hebben. En het kwam iedereen uit dat ze eens een generale repetitie konden doen.