You call that photography?

Verlies uzelf in foto’s. ‘t Is eens wat anders dan interestingness.

  • AK47 — an online art photography magazine showcasing both fine arts and documentary photographers.
  • BLIR — for emerging artists.
  • Blueeyes — an online documentary photography magazine devoted to publishing new long-term project work. It is a labor of love created by a dedicated group of people who believe in the power of still photography.
  • F-STOP — a photographymagazine.
  • mooncruise*
  • featuring photography and music by international artists.
  • Revolver — photojournalism, street & travel photography.
  • seesaw — observation full and felt.
  • LOOK AT ME — a collection of found photographs.
  • PIXELPRESS — encouraging documentary photography through a new paradigm of journalism, one that encourages an active dialogue between the author and reader and, also, the subject.
  • MakingRoom — a magazine about the process, intention and results of image-making.
  • lens culture — photography and shared territories.
  • FILE — a collection of unexpected photography.

[via MeFi]

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