Demografie voor Stardust, volgens John Scalzi:

Stardust […] cobbles together its audience from various demographics. First, science fiction/fantasy fandom, almost none of whom is interested in Rush Hour 3 (and which, as anyone who looked at Serenity’s grosses can tell you, is worth exactly $10 million on opening weekend). Second, older moviegoers, who may be drawn in by the presence of Michelle Pfeiffer and Robert DeNiro and the novel and amusing movie idea. Third, older (that is, 30+) couples out on dates.

Then throw in, in decreasing order of importance, family audiences (it’s PG-13 but that’s close enough for government work), Edwardian-era-loving gays and/or Anglophiles, the comic book and/or Matthew Vaughn fans not at Rush Hour 3, moviegoers who actually read reviews to decide what they’re going to see, and single, cat-loving women hoping for just one more Princess Bride experience before they die.

Ik ga kijken. ‘t Zal niet on opening weekend zijn, maar toch.

En dat van die single, cat-loving women: ik kan mij daar precies bij voorstellen wat ze bedoelen. 😀

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