op 19 februari 2009

  • It crosses the Gulf of Carpentaria in northern Australia on many mornings in September and October. It can be 1000 kilometers long, two kilometers high, travel at least 60 km per hour and can be seen from space.
    (tags: meteorology)
  • "Then I'll have a little of everything, please" said the Cat.
    (tags: cats photos cute)
  • These suicide notes were gathered at the coroners' offices by a suicidologist/psychiatrist who asked to be anonymous. He edited identifying details out of the compiled manuscript, and we changed the names. But the text of each letter plus the age and sex given are real. All these people did kill themselves.
  • All the notice we had was a February 9 Twitter from the proprietor. “Home of the Underdogs webhost went bankrupt T_T.” And with that sad note from Sarinee Achavanuntakul, one of the most enduring (if illegal) tributes to gaming history came to an end.

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