op 29 maart 2009

  • Transmover作者が大いに参考にしたフリーゲームです。どちらも派手なアクションはないものの、頭を使わないとクリアできません。といっても死ぬほど難しい訳ではなく、程よい難易度設定となっています
  • Two weeks ago, Abe Moscowitz dropped dead of a heart attack and was reincarnated as a lobster. Trapped off the coast of Maine, he was shipped to Manhattan and dumped into a tank at a posh Upper East Side seafood restaurant. In the tank there were several other lobsters, one of whom recognized him. “Abe, is that you?” the creature asked, his antennae perking up.
    (tags: humour)
  • Over the past few weeks (namely, since finishing the Ruckingenur Editor for the Ruckingenur Challenge), I've been working on a totally new game. A game that I have just now finished. I present to you, Bureau of Steam Engineering.
  • (i'm her husband)
    (tags: humour)

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