op 22 april 2009

  • One of the major online audience measurement companies, comScore, Inc., has generously donated access to its Media Metrix and World Metrix data sets to the Foundation. comScore has an opt-in panel of two million internet users around the globe and uses a range of statistical techniques to create an internally consistent portrait of the global internet audience. As an example, below is a chart summarizing comScore's estimated audience over the past few years for, both in the U.S. and worldwide.
  • Gestural (touch) UI is gaining momentum as a suitable companion, and in some cases worthy replacement, to the traditional UI via peripheral device input.

    Of course, with this momentum comes revised thinking about how we design for interaction. To this end, San Francisco-based Punchcut, an agency specializing in mobile design, threw together a very brief video demonstrating five considerations to keep in mind when designing for touch.

  • Acclaimed writer Neil Gaiman is burying Batman, but not before he pens a final "love letter" to the Dark Knight.

    Gaiman, picked by DC Comics to handle Batman's final appearance in the publisher's long-running monthly Detective Comics, almost didn't take the gig. But his high regard for the 70-year-old superhero made this an opportunity he couldn't skip.

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