op 23 mei 2009

  • We believe and CBS violated their own privacy policy in the transmission of this data. We also believe CBS and may have violated EU privacy laws, including the Data Protection Directive, and should be investigated by the appropriate authorities.
  • A parasitic wasp has injected her eggs into a caterpillar — and now they're ready to hatch
    (tags: urgh animals)
  • T2 and T3 are such similar movies as far as the plot goes that its possible to tell the story and the plot and describe both movies with one description. Lets see…
  • 26 must-have fonts that are free to download and use in your personal designs. Make sure to read the license agreement for each font, as some are for personal use only, while others are free to use in commercial work.
  • “The Comprehensive Guide for a Powerful CMS using WordPress”, a three-part series, an attempt to show off a number of WordPress features, tips, tutorials, hacks, plugins and best practices from the World’s Leading WordPress web-developers
  • Rejoice, Whedonites! His latest television venture, Dollhouse, has been renewed by Fox for a second season of 13 episodes, thus proving the existence of God.
    (tags: tv dollhouse)
  • Welcome to the JesusDatabase – a collaborative project to create an online resource for historical Jesus research and to explore new ways of celebrating the meaning of Jesus for people today. This project was started in March 2006 and draws on earlier work going back to 2001. It currently consists of 345 articles.

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