op 25 mei 2009

  • Teller is one of the greatest magicians living in the world today. Teller is a guy who is constantly thinking, constantly reevaluating what he is doing. He keeps working on his material with really no care as to how long it takes. It might take a month or it might a year or it might be 10 years before it goes on.
  • Alexei Sayle began as a ground-breaking stand-up comedian in a tight suit and brought his act to rich fruition in a unique television series with his name in the title. Meanwhile he had also established himself as an actor in the movies and laid the foundations for his later career as one of our most adventurous writers. His particular gift in all fields is to bring his radical background into the foreground. Here he talks about growing up as a Marxist in modern Britain, about honesty in comedy, and about squaring his rebel status with the glow of celebrity. An enemy of the old order but no friend of New Labour, he draws a resonant connection between the Millennium Dome and the interior of Tony Blair’s brain.
  • Using two or more monitors can bring a number of significant advantages to designers.

    In this article we’ll present some basic pros and cons of using multiple monitors, general instructions for setting them up, as well as a showcase of workstations that feature multiple monitors.

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  • Leutig.
  • Most of the jobs I get are basically very unwholesome people. There's always something wrong with the guy, and sometimes something deeply wrong. I'm tired of that. I tell my agent I want a Fred MacMurray part. I want a part where I have a wife and kids and a dog and a house, and my kids say to me, "What do you think I should do, Dad?" and I say, "Be careful."
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  • At the end of the 19th century, many towns and cities were lit up by powerful electrical lamps placed on towers up to 300 feet (90 metres) high.

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