Links voor 1 december 2013

Critical Miss: Issue 1 [GMing With Nothing]
Okay. Here's the deal. You started off with the best of intentions. You were going to read the rule book and write the scenario but somewhere along the way life got in the way. Now it's eight o'clock on Friday night, your players are ringing on your doorbell and it's time to face the truth – you have nothing. zip. Nout.

The Economist explains: Why are there so many tunnels under London? | The Economist
NO ONE knows quite how many tunnels have been burrowed under London. Some of the city's many underground channels have been subject to the Official Secrets Act: the Kingsway tunnels were once used by a research arm of MI6, Britain's foreign-intelligence service. Others are so old they have fallen into disuse and been forgotten. Nonetheless, anyone walking through central London can safely assume that the busy streets around them are mirrored in criss-crossing tunnels below.

Stuxnet’s Secret Twin – By Ralph Langner | Foreign Policy
The vast majority of the attention has been paid to Stuxnet's smaller and simpler attack routine — the one that changes the speeds of the rotors in a centrifuge, which is used to enrich uranium. But the second and "forgotten" routine is about an order of magnitude more complex and stealthy. It qualifies as a nightmare for those who understand industrial control system security.

Facebook, its time you fix yourself and be relevant! | being practical
Facebook needs to re-think its strategy and focus on making its product relevant. Not just for its users, but also for other stake holders like Developers, Marketers, Publishers and so on.

Facebook Pages: No one is talking about you! | being practical
Here is some bad news for Social Media Agencies, Consultants and every concerned with Social Media, Facebook Pages as a product has reached end of its life cycle and is no more valuable for brands.

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