Links van 23 juni 2014 tot 24 juni 2014
In this study I will be looking at three aspects of the international silk trade as it affected Justinian’s Byzantium in the mid-sixth century: the introduction of sericulture, the availability of draw-loom technology, and Procopius’ allegation that Justinian bankrupted the Syrian silk merchants by a policy of price-cutting at a time when the Persians had raised the price of silk

Osama Bin Laden’s seven rules for terrorists: ISIS will regret not following the al-Qaida leader’s advice.
Niet zo'n idioot, die Bin Laden.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Teardown – iFixit
Tech zombies that we are, we'll have to be content to leave this CPU in place, as it is not coming off the board. Millions of upgrade junkies suddenly cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced.

Soms kan ik ook zo kwaad worden op deze krant – Opinie – De Morgen
Preach it — "egocentrisch gebagger in de marge, geneuzel over lipstick en gloss, met beautytips waar je onwel van wordt"

Scoop: A Glimpse Into the NYTimes CMS –
Here at The Times, our own CMS, Scoop, is central to our ambitions to innovate on all platforms. It’s also the repository for all the aspirations for what the merging of print and digital journalism may one day become — and many of the frustrations for what it is today.

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