Links van 6 juni 2014 tot 7 juni 2014

Contrabass Trombone: Saint-Saens – YouTube
The rare contrabass trombone is a very loud and powerful instrument. I'm convinced it can also be an instrument of warmth and beauty. In the few days I had access to one I wasn't able to fully achieve that beauty. Nonetheless, I think this video has a few glimpses of the richness possible from this unwieldy beast.

Nothing To Do With Arbroath: Pig the unusual dog lives on despite the odds
Pig the unusual, oddly shaped dog was born in the woods northeast of Atlanta last autumn to a feral mother. Pig's profound birth defects make her survival and attitude remarkable.

Islands of Sanity | Wikipediocracy
anyone reading this post, and then trying to correct the mistakes identified, will be forbidden to do so

Twitter’s in Trouble. Here’s How It Can Avoid Becoming the Next AOL | Business | WIRED
Twitter has already lost more than half its market value, a staggering $18 billion, since late December. Users are abandoning the service, growth has been stagnant and social media pundits wonder if Twitter is heading toward irrelevance.

Don’t tell me what to read. | Stupid Evil Bastard
"As The Fault in Our Stars barrels into theaters this weekend virtually guaranteed to become a blockbuster, it can be hard to remember that once upon a time, an adult might have felt embarrassed to be caught reading the novel that inspired it. Not because it is bad—it isn’t—but because it was written for teenagers." — I have two words for Ms. Graham: Fuck you.

Industrial design | The Brothers Brick | LEGO Blog
Microscale building is most commonly associated with the giant collaborative ‘Micropolis’ city displays at events like Brickworld, where the focus is on gleaming modern architecture. So it’s refreshing to see Flickr member HOEFOL going seriously old school with microscale models of structures from the industrial revolution.

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