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Why Is Food Babe Selling a Product With BHT? | Bad Science Debunked
Why is Vani Hari (the “Food Babe”) harassing Kellogg’s and General Mills because their cereals contain BHT, when she’s earning a sales commission on a product that contains BHT?

The curious case of the Facebook page that posts the same thing every day – The Washington Post
Once a day, every day since August 21, some fan with a weird sense of humor has posted the exact same photo of Italian pop singer Toto Cutugno to Facebook.

‘Mijn leven is mislukt’ – Wetenschap –
Whut? "Zelf heb ik als bioloog geen zin meer in zinloze discussies met creationisten die de evolutietheorie als onzin afdoen, wegens niet passend in de kraam van God. Je kunt je tijd niet blijven verliezen, hoewel ik af en toe geconfronteerd word met het gegeven dat de Steinerscholen creationisme laten onderwijzen in de biologielessen, en dat de evolutietheorie er als een 'geloof' wordt bestempeld – iets waar onze onderwijsadministratie zich eens over zou moeten buigen."

The Rat Tribe of Beijing | Al Jazeera America
Every morning, a metamorphosis takes place below the ground of China’s capital. In a world without sun or fresh air, people roll out of bed in windowless rooms, empty bedpans into communal toilets, pay 50 cents for a five-minute shower, ascend concrete stairways to the outside world and transform themselves from residents of the city’s most despised housing to strivers, hungry for a piece of the Chinese dream.These new Beijingers, who number about 1 million, are known as members of the “rat tribe,” or shuzu, because they make their homes underground in warrens of small, often-dank rooms that are cheaper than almost anything they can find above ground.

How startup Fab died – Business Insider
"We spent $200M in the past 2 years. $200M!" Goldberg's letter read. "We spent $200M and we have not proven out our business model. We spent $200M and we have not proven that we know precisely what our customers want to buy. "We are the most heavily funded startup in NYC in our life cycle and we have spent 2/3 of the cash … Holy shit this is a big deal."

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  1. Food Babe, is dat die die het schandalig vond dat luchtvaartmaatschappijen, zogezegd om kosten uit te sparen, geen zuivere zuurstof in de cabine inblazen maar daar stikstof aan toevoegen, soms zelfs 50%!? Hoe durven ze!

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