Links van 15 november 2015 tot 18 november 2015

A New Biography of John le Carré Offers Insight into the Cold War Author’s Life – The Atlantic
And in the middle of it all is the spymaster Smiley, as much priest as agent, dense with subterranean knowledge, blinking, suffering, doughily pliable and razor-sharp. His wife cheats on him; his colleagues at the Circus, le Carré’s fictional version of British intelligence, corral him with a bruising, bullying affability. Quietly goes Smiley: memory spy, an artist of recollection, traveling back into the files, back into the memory banks of frazzled ex-Circus types such as Connie Sachs, back into his own mind, to find the truth of what is happening around him.

After a year, Google’s effort to get ad-avoidant site visitors to pay flounders – Digiday
A year after launching Google Contributor to give publishers a way to charge for their content, uptake has been slow.

What Americans thought of Jewish refugees on the eve of World War II – The Washington Post
Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie of New Jersey was one of the many governors who on Monday said they would oppose settling Syrian refugees in their states; Christie insisted that he would not even permit "3-year-old orphans" entry. Today's 3-year-old Syrian orphan, it seems, is 1939's German Jewish child

Letter to Baghdadi – Open Letter to BaghdadiOpen Letter to Baghdadi
Join hundreds of Muslim leaders and Scholars worldwide in their Open Letter to Baghdadi.

The Saudis Are Stumbling. They May Take the Middle East with Them. – FPIF
America’s leading Sunni ally is proving how easily hubris, delusion, and old-fashioned ineptitude can trump even bottomless wealth.

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