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Overselling Breast-Feeding – The New York Times
All too often, advocates cross the line from supporting a woman in her decision to breast-feed into compelling a woman to do so.

Loved Ones Recall Local Man’s Cowardly Battle With Cancer
"Most people, when they find out they've got something terrible like this, dig deep down inside and tap into some tremendous well of courage and strength they never knew they had," said Judith Kunkel, Russ' wife of 11 years. "Not Russ. The moment he found out he had cancer, he curled up into a fetal ball and sobbed uncontrollably for three straight weeks."

Dune Week: Spice Filled Sandworm | Kitchen Overlord
First, mix the yeast and warm water. Let the yeast blossom like a sand storm in the desert. After ten minutes, add the brown sugar, vanilla, cinnamon, salt, and eggs. Whisk it all together until your bowl starts to smell like stale spice wine. Add half the flour. Top that off with the melted butter. You may think you want to add the melted butter to the liquids, but you’re wrong. The heat will destroy your yeast as surely as a spice mining platform attracts a worm. Top it off with the rest of the flour.

Minister Van Overtveldt: “Ga er alles aan doen om te vermijden dat multinationals 700 miljoen moeten terugbetalen” –
Als het van de Europese Commissie afhangt, moeten 60 multinationals 700 miljoen euro teruggeven aan de Belgische overheid. Een mooie som in tijden van besparingen. Maar minister van Financiën Johan Van Overtveldt staat pal.

Former Isis hostage says airstrikes on Syria are a trap | World news | The Guardian
A French journalist held hostage by Islamic State for 10 months, has made an impassioned plea against bombing Syria, saying it was a trap that would only benefit Isis.

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